A Strong History of Performance

Corp Ten enables their customers to track anything needing to be tracked and located around the globe. Our systems and applications are compatible with an extensive variety of tracking devices and sensors, including many legacy systems you may already be using to support your asset management operations.

Easily share data in real-time across any group, division, department or organization. You set the rules, we deliver the data.

Founded in 1984, the company has grown to become a world leader in GPS tracking and related technologies. Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, Corp Ten designs, produces and delivers tracking and information systems from large scale enterprise solutions to more personalized solutions. Corp Ten also carries and maintains its own GSA schedule of our product line and services for our Government clients.

Corp Ten became part of the DTC Communications, Inc. line of products in January 2016. Through DTC, learn how Corp Ten's UniTrac serves as the backbone of SkyWeb Premium (UniVue) and Evolution. These user friendly interfaces are designed to take adavantage of UniTrac's powerful resources.

Visit DTC Communications, Inc. to learn more about Evolution and SkyWeb Premium (UniVue) Command and Control Software.

Our Clients are Demanding

Every day, Corp Ten meets the most stringent requirements for organizations such as The U.S. Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, Homeland Security and many others including international clients with global tracking needs.

Corp Ten has become the standard bearer in the industry. UniTrac, our premiere software product, mines tracking and sensor data and delivers a visual and strategic picture onto any stationary or or mobile computer with automated, simultaneous and immediate notifications of alerts via email, pager and voice dialer.

Corp Ten is not only the first company to do this — it's the only company to do this. If you need to track personnel, freight, or any high value shipments on land, air or by sea, Corp Ten solutions are high performance, stress tested, proven answers to the increasing needs of a changing world.

Corp Ten has designed one universal system for our clients with a myriad of flexible capabilities to track a target and retrieve immense amounts of data, including two-way communications in real time.

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Corp Ten celebrates 32 years of providing innovative tracking and logistical solutions.

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