The Value of Asset Management/Tracking

Government Agencies and large Corporations have an increased need every year to manage their assets around the globe. This has become a large risk management/investment issue. The cost to track valuable assets in order to retain them under different and difficult circumstances can actually result in significant cost savings…in real dollars and many times in lives saved.

This applies to any organization that has mobile assets. And by mobile, we do not necessarily mean cars and trucks. A combination of vehicles, people, high valued shipments and other assets that travel by land, air or sea are subject to interruption, piracy and other situations that can be mitigated or avoided with the right information in hand.

Real time tracking offers the ideal solution when you need to know the location of an asset immediately without delay. Corp Ten provides asset management across a wide spectrum of needs, with real time accountability. The added benefit of being able to share data across any user group a client selects makes the Corp Ten solution unique. This combination of strength and reliability makes true asset management a reality.

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