Connect, View and Understand. Wherever You Are.

The central component in our total asset tracking solution is, AutoFind and AutoFind Web. As tracking information is generated in real time, it is presented on maps that are simple to read, with illuminated dots and graphics that clearly ID the target. Your target can be tracked at all times or it can report its position only when polled. Plus the capability of two way messaging allows for greater communication.

AutoFind operates independently of the type of communication link used for carrying the transmitted position reports from mobile units to the base. The tracking information generated will show the vehicle status, the historical activity with playback mode, any stops it has made and a panic mode for emergencies plus two-way communication.

Reports, alerting mechanisms, control and messaging functions distill the information into a form that’s most useful to the end user. Combining extremely user-friendly interfaces and simultaneous multiple map displays, AutoFind and AutoFind Web can be the presentation mechanism inside your organization.

AutoFinds’ real-time movement tracking and simultaneous multiple map displays assure clients of locating their mobile assets, ensuring the safe delivery or return of valuable resources.

The ability to use AutoFind in a dual configuration setting, as a stand-alone client and/or a networked server, gives our clients the flexibility they need to utilize their existing infrastructure and allow their users the freedom they need to accomplish the tasks at hand.

Provide Access to Anyone You Designate.

Additionally, you can determine who on your network, across as many locations worldwide that you desire can have access to the data being generated. All security and privacy rules are set by your needs and demands. You determine the parameters and benefit from the collaboration and teamwork provided.

For more detailed information on AutoFind and its capabilities, contact Corp Ten for additional information or a demonstration. Contact us