Corp Ten International is a leading provider of cellular services for mobile-to-mobile applications including tracking terminals, sensors and mobile telephones. Corp Ten has developed relationships with several GSM providers allowing full global GSM coverage to our customers.

Corp Ten international provides SIM's to customers allowing them to move SIM's from tracking device to tracking device as needed.

There are many data and voice packages available. Corp Ten can tailor a custom data package to meet your needs or provide pre-packaged plans for both commercial and government customers. Our GSA schedule allows Government customers the option to purchase our data and voice plans.

For many tracking and sensor applications, cellular communications is the optimum choice. CTI has over ten years of experience in designing systems to use the best cellular method for accomplishing your critical mission needs. Whether it is high speed data (3G, GPRS,), short text messaging or circuit switched applications, CTI has the relationships with GSM, CDMA, and other providers to give you the greatest performance with the greatest efficiency. If either domestic applications or worldwide coverage is required we have the experience and solutions to meet your needs.

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