Corp Ten utilizes the Google Earth Server Interface as a means to display UniTrac tracking and sensor data with our AutoFind and AutoFind Web Software in a Google Earth desktop client. This way clients are able to leverage existing investments in GIS (Geographic Information System) technology.

The Google Earth desktop client can present three modes of display to a user in order to view their tracking data:

  • The live mode shows the current position
  • The history mode can show all the positions for a specified time period
  • The playback mode shows asset movement from oldest to newest position

The Google Earth Server element of satellite and terrain views is an important aspect in your tracking capabilities. The ability to see real — time data of your assets in a visual medium with the power of Google’s satellite and terrain views will greatly enhance the presentation capabilities available for users and clients. Also, being able to identify the type of terrain that your targets are travelling on is a key feature in delivering or recovering valuable assets.

GES + Proprietary Software = Client Satisfaction

The GES – Google Earth Server Interface and Corp Ten’s UniTrac and AutoFind software is yet another way Corp Ten uses and optimizes multiple systems to meet client needs. And in the process, lowers operational costs significantly.

Corp Ten focuses on providing flexible alternatives for clients who want to work within their existing infrastructure. The Corp Ten philosophy centers on providing comprehensive solutions and package options that are easy to use and understand.

For more detailed information on GES — Google Earth Server and its capabilities, contact Corp Ten (link) for additional information or a demonstration

For more detailed information on GES and its capabilities, contact Corp Ten for additional information or a demonstration. Contact us