UniTrac has a virtually unlimited number of devices that are compatible with the system. UniTrac also is compatible with legacy systems around the world.

The following is a listing of a representative group of tracking devices that are available on the UniTrac system. This list does not represent the complete list of devices available, as new devices are becoming available on a frequent basis.

We can provide and support tracking devices for vehicles, vessels, aircraft and hand held devices including security, military logistics, remote telemetry and covert tracking.

Please refer to these devices and device descriptions for reference purposes only. Corp Ten strongly recommends that you contact us (link) for a complete list of devices, or additional information on the devices listed that follow:

  • DTC Orion ST840
  • Datalogger
  • Enfora
  • Impeva Labs
  • Iridium – CTI
  • Iridium S100
  • DTC ST825LTE
  • NMEA+
  • Orion ST-811
  • OuterLink
  • PLB Locator Beacon
  • PTD-200
  • Raptor
  • Sendum PT200
  • Transcore MT2000/MT3000
  • Trimble Trim-Trac
  • VDML
For more detailed information on hardware supported, contact Corp Ten for additional details. Contact us