CorpTen Becomes Part of the Cobham plc Group of Companies

February 2nd, 2011

Corp Ten International would like to announce that as of 02 February 2011, our share capital has been purchased by and we have become part of the Cobham plc group of companies. We look forward to serving our customers with the additional resources that this transaction will enable us to provide.

Corp Ten International - 2009 3rd Quarter Software Updates

Corp Ten is pleased to announce 3rd Quarter Software Updates for Unitrac, AutoFind and AutoFind Web. Please contact your account manager for a full listing of all the updates.

An exciting announcement included in this quarter’s release is the addition of 2 new links which will enhance Unitrac, AutoFind 6 and AutoFind Web and enable our customers to expand their existing systems.

Our link with Sensorlogic will integrate their GS-100 GSM modem into our Unitrac System. Our link with Latitude Technologies will integrate their Iridium S100 device into our Unitrac System. The addition of these two new links and devices within the Unitrac System will expand our capabilities and offerings to our clients.

Additional updates for this release include changes to the Unitrac Administration website with support for multiple automatic devices provisioning per link. It also incorporates changes to our existing links including the addition of an added expiration field, support for new Coleman API methods and a MotionBoard template attribute.

Corp Ten International is always looking for ways to develop and improve our product offerings and our relationships with our current and future clients. Corp Ten maintains a high degree of development and implementation with our products and has always welcomed input from our clients. We look forward to further advancement of our product line so our clients can stay efficient and concentrate on the job at hand.

Corp Ten International - Software Release Schedule

Corp Ten International implements a quarterly release schedule for all software updates. This includes updates for Unitrac, AutoFind6 and AutoFind Web. This schedule provides our customers the opportunity to plan for their own internal release schedule to their users.

The scheduled release dates are as follows:

  • April – 1st Quarter Software Updates
  • July – 2nd Quarter Software Updates
  • October – 3rd Quarter Software Updates
  • January – 4th Quarter Software Updates

Corp Ten celebrates 25 years of providing innovative solutions to tracking and logistical problems.

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