• Aggregate data into simple reports you control.
  • Create a clear picture to assign funding sources.
  • House information in a central depository for viewing historical financial records.
  • Work from a single location for controlling airtime usage from various sources.
  • Sort data by device type, amount and vendor.

UCAP is the UniTrac Cost Accounting Program from Corp Ten. UCAP delivers simple, consolidated airtime bill reporting, turning use analysis and cost management from very complex into very simple.

Data and voice transmission over global satellite and terrestrial networks around the world have reached enormous proportions. The data, especially the billing data generated, has created a staggering amount of management challenges -- overwhelming even the most meticulous business managers and cost accountants.

Communication airtime billing now originates from many sources resulting in numerous invoices from various suppliers, creating a situation beyond most organizations ability to manage. UCAP solves all of these problems.

Invoices from multiple sources can now be easily reviewed and evaluated, managing system users, while simultaneously attributing and assigning costs where they need to be allocated.

It's Easy to Be Accountable With UCAP

UCAP makes the management of data that simple. For additional information, please contact Corp Ten directly.

For more detailed information on UCAP and its capabilities, contact Corp Ten for additional information or a demonstration. Contact us