• Track targets real-time, anywhere in the world
  • Two-way communication
  • Supports multiple satellite, cellular and radio frequency providers and many tracking devices
  • Integrates with legacy systems
  • Flexible and scalable, share data with others
  • Iron-clad security

No more boundaries. No more roadblocks. NOW — government agencies, law enforcement and commercial companies all have access to information that protects, defends, locates and informs every individual connected to the network.

Incredible Flexibility to Track to Your Specifications

UniTrac is Corp Ten’s proprietary software that allows two-way communication between multiple satellite, cellular and radio frequency providers. UniTrac has over thirty different types of tracking communications links, allowing customers the ability to utilize multiple tracking devices, all integrated under a single UniTrac architecture. Because no single communications link or satellite can meet every need, UniTrac gives our clients tremendous flexibility in choosing the right device to best suit the task at hand. UniTrac can interface with legacy systems to enable fast and effective implementation of asset visibility anywhere in the world.

UniTrac is a unified scalable system that allows seamless integration using satellite and terrestrial communications and an extensive variety of tracking devices, including all the devices you may currently employ. Corp Ten’s UniTrac mines tracking and sensor data, delivering a visual and strategic picture onto any stationary or mobile computer, with automated, simultaneous and immediate notifications of alerts via email, pager, and voice dialer.

A Wealth of Tracking and Reporting Options

Data tracking, sensor tracking, messaging and notifications all converge and reside on the UniTrac server, linking with cellular and satellite partners like Iridium, Inmarsat and Globalstar. The earth stations transmit to their respective satellite locations around the globe, sending information down to earth bound devices located in trucks, cars, boats, planes and hand held devices. UniTrac allows any number of links to feed multiple displays simultaneously.

Return communications such as, GPS locations, alerts, and boundary violations that reach UniTrac are instantly distributed to the computers, cell phones, or other hand held devices that the user designates.

Security is Paramount

Protecting and securing your data is a crucial priority. UniTrac architecture allows for a central data control point which gives our clients an added weapon in protecting their important tracking information. The UniTrac notification feature will greatly enhance the time spent responding to data breaches or unit breaches by alerting you by e-mail, pager and voice dialer.

Share Information – Achieve Desired Results

UniTrac to UniTrac data sharing is the method used by multiple government agencies to share real time tracking information between organizations. Using a clear-cut authorization process and having the ability to distribute and share information across agencies has proven to be an integral part in joint operations. Because of this functionality, UniTrac has become the standard for asset management and information systems for DOD, DOJ, DHS and others.

For more detailed information on UniTrac and its capabilities, contact Corp Ten for additional information or a demonstration. Contact us